Which of the Following Will Help You Sell More on Amazon: Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

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Jungle Scout or Helium 10 are the two tools that Amazon sellers typically use to manage their companies. Some claim that the goods are comparable. For a number of reasons, some people are devoted supporters of one side over the other. We’ll go over the primary requirements of various Amazon seller software options and present open, side-by-side comparisons.

We are Jungle Scouts, so naturally, take our statements with a grain of salt. Although we obviously have faith in our own product—we use it for our own Amazon businesses—we’re here to provide you a clear, unbiased comparison of Jungle Scout and Helium 10 so you can make your own decision. There are many benefits of knowing about junglescout vs helium 10.

Sales forecast accuracy compared to Helium 10 and Jungle Scout

To inform their decisions, Amazon sellers require precise data. Due to Jungle Scout’s long history of data collection and analysis and its origin as a tool for product research, it can currently offer the most accurate models. All of Jungle Scout’s activities revolve around data to give customers the most beneficial insights and the best Amazon selling platform, our data scientists, data engineers, and committed product development team make sure that data is accurate and decisions are made using data. In fact, we’ve conducted countless tests and case studies to check the accuracy of our own data, and each time, we come out on top.

Of all Amazon seller software, Jungle Scout has the highest accuracy and smallest error margin. The industry’s most complete and accurate Amazon data is available from Jungle Scout. In actuality, the data from Helium 10 is 14% less accurate. With a 74% accuracy rating, Helium 10 has a higher margin of error than Jungle Scout. Let’s imagine we discover a product with 500 monthly sales, according to Helium 10. And, as before, we locate a producer who will produce it for $5 per unit and allow us to purchase three months’ worth of stock for $7,500.

Search Volume Accuracy: Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout

A new feature called Search Query Performance is available in Seller Central if you have a brand registered with Brand Registry (SQP). Data on search volume, click-through rate, add to cart rate, purchase rate, and other metrics are provided by Amazon SQP to give you insights into how well your brand is performing for specific search terms.

We were interested in evaluating the accuracy of the Keyword Scout tool from Jungle Scout and the Magnet tool from Helium 10 in comparison to Amazon SQP. Feeling confident in your choices for your Amazon business comes from having the most accurate alignment with Amazon SQP. You might overestimate or underestimate the demand for your products if you rely on inaccurate data.

We found that Keyword Scout’s keyword tool was significantly more accurate than Helium 10’s keyword tool when we compared the monthly keyword search volume data from each tool to the search volume Amazon provides in SQP. According to Helium 10 and Keyword Scout, there was, on average, a -58.38% difference between the search volume reported by Amazon and actual search volume.