Spiratex – Custom Extrusion Solutions


At its core, the concept behind plastic extrusion is straightforward: you melt the material you’re working with into the opening of a die, at which point it can be used to make parts of predetermined shapes. As the material cools, it permanently assumes its final form.

It’s a process that has been used for years, and with good reason – it’s one you can depend on. Of course, this demands the question – even after you’ve bought into the benefits of plastic extrusion in general, is it truly necessary to go the extra mile and invest in custom plastic extrusion solutions?

In a word, yes. Custom plastic extrusion is an investment that pays for itself in a wide range of different ways, all of which are worth a closer look.

Why Custom Plastic Extrusion Matters

During an era when most manufacturing organizations in particular are still dealing with razor-thin profit margins (not to mention other issues that were exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic), one of the biggest benefits of custom plastic extrusion is that it is a process known for minimal waste production across the board.

You don’t have to deal with taking a pre-existing “solution” and trying to find a workaround to get it to meet your needs. Even if you’re trying to produce parts with inherently complicated cross-sections, custom plastic extrusion can do so at high volumes quickly and efficiently – which also makes it the cost-effective choice as well.

Speaking of high volumes, custom plastic extrusion (when completed via the right partner like the team at Spiratex) also brings with it the benefit of continuous operation capabilities, too. You don’t have to constantly start and stop production lines, dealing with frustrating (not to mention costly) periods of downtime. The entire process just keeps right on moving along, resulting in the fast turnaround times you need and the lower costs you’ve been searching for.

Beyond that, custom plastic extrusion also offers a number of benefits that you can’t meet with other means. It is known for exceptional material compounding and the parts produced also have a very high quality surface finish. These are all part of the reasons why, rather than being forced to contend with the same materials that others are using, taking a custom approach to the proceedings is always recommended.

Spiratex: Your Partner in Custom Solutions

From the moment we opened our doors until now, our mission at Spiratex has been simple. We want to change the shape of plastics as you know it by putting the power of our experience, our insight, and our innovation to work for you. Whether you need profile extrusion, rods and tubes extrusion, thermoplastic extrusion, or something else entirely doesn’t matter. We work with HDPE tubes, UHMW tubing, and other robust materials.

Even how complicated your requirements are makes no difference – we have what it takes to meet your needs, absolutely no exceptions.

To find out more information about all the different ways in which custom plastic extrusion can benefit your business, or to speak to someone about your next big project in a bit more detail, please feel free to contact Spiratex today.