SoundCloud – What Are The Top Features Offered By The Platform

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SoundCloud is the world’s largest audio distribution platform, hosting over 180 million tracks. It has many features, including collaboration with other artists, curation by genre, and, most importantly, free access to millions of songs. Perhaps few sites in the world offer so much for so little; SoundCloud has everything from diverse genres to playlists curated by real people. If you want to get more popularity from SoundCloud as a creator, then you can buy SoundCloud likes.

The site also offers an easy-to-use interface that is perfect for people just getting into music and professionals looking to reach demographics across the globe. If you are new to SoundCloud, you must read more to know the attractive features offered by this platform.

Top 7 Features of SoundCloud
1. Audience Analytics:

Audience Analytics is an advanced feature that allows you to see exactly how your music is being consumed. For example, you can see how often your tracks have been streamed, where they have been streamed from, and who listened to them. This feature is crucial for a platform such as SoundCloud because it allows labels and publishers to see the impact of the music they’re putting out there from a global perspective.

Suppose you’re a new artist looking for more popularity and can’t afford to hire label staff. In that case, Audience Analytics will give you accurate insights into what other producers are doing on this site, so it’s easier for you to find their tracks.

2. Audience Engagement:

SoundCloud features a wide array of social media-like features, which are crucial for helping you grow your audience. Shorter track previews, the ability to like tracks and comments on SoundCloud, and charts and trending playlists all help artists build a fan base. This is especially true if you’re using the site to reach fans in certain countries.

3. Music Discovery:

SoundCloud has a lot of different ways to help you find new music. You can follow other musicians or labels that you trust, search by genre or curators that interest you, or just use the trending playlists to hear some great new music. This platform is especially useful to people who want to reach fans outside of the country where they live.

For example, if you have a large following in Asia but only want to get your hands on music from the United States, SoundCloud can help you find artists and producers that appeal to your audience.

4. Collaboration:

If you’re an artist, one of the best ways to grow your fan base is by collaborating with individuals with a similar fanbase. SoundCloud has a feature called “SoundCloud Collaborations” that allows you to send out direct messages and contact other artists interested in working together on new music.

If your profile is new, you should use this feature to find other talented people who want to work together. This also helps you build a wider fan base that has room to grow.

5. Curation:

SoundCloud has an advanced search engine that allows users to search for music by genre, keywords, and even the mood that the music conveys. The site can also recommend tracks based on what you have listened to or recommend tracks from artists similar to one of your favourites.

So, SoundCloud is a great way for new artists to get their names out there. It is also very useful for anyone who already has a following and wants access to a huge amount of music with only a few quick clicks.

6. Intuitive Interface:

SoundCloud’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing even new artists to be productive on the platform. You can quickly post new music, save tracks to your account, follow other users, make playlists, and many other features with just a few clicks. As long as you’re willing to put in a little work, SoundCloud is an amazing site that can connect you with millions of music fans all over the globe.

7. VIP Accounts:

SoundCloud is free to use, but the site offers a VIP account which costs $8 per month. This allows you to access all of the features on SoundCloud without ads and gives you more space to store tracks and playlists on your profile. It’s also worth noting that many other premium accounts are available, such as SoundCloud Next and Next Plus, which offer different combinations of features for a monthly or yearly fee.


SoundCloud is the best platform if you are a die-hard fan of music or want to explore the music industry. You can share your music list on this platform and get great popularity and the best experience. Those who want to listen to music most of the time can use it to share across the globe.