Repair of Portrait Painted on Wood

Famous artwork of amedeo Modigliani

A man’s picture painted on wood and also the belonging timber pieces were located at the mommy tomb which was discovered in 1962 at the 3rd district of Budapest, Jablonka road 15. The reason the greater than 1600-year-old timber continues to be made it through is that the sarcophagus was shut hermetically. Original Artwork for Sale Online After finding it, the wooden slabs were assembled, glued with each other, as well as brought back, therefore a guy’s picture became visible on the panel. After remediation the picture became darker and threatened throughout collection of years, so re-restoration, preservation of its current state, brand-new material examinations, photo strategy evaluation were needed.

The original paint possibly had a square form, the endured panel painting is 27 centimeter high, 42 cm wide, 0,5-1,5 centimeters thick. There are 7 larger and also more smaller sized fractions come from it, they are possibly the personal belongings of the item.

Károly Vezérffi has made the reconstruction of the wooden board in between 1966-73. He made use of propil-alcohol, ethylene-diamin and turpentine as solvents for the cleansing. He has refined with chloroform in order to make the paint lighter, after that he fertilized with a particular co-polimer, and finished with foamed Poromix 20. He has actually based with chalk, as well as retouched with water colour as well as line strategy.

In 2005, István Bóna has dealt with the parts with acryl adhesive, which were harmed throughout the Lyon exhibition, as well as impregnated with an option of Paraloid B 72 20% in xylene. Based on our evaluation, we have actually pertained to the final thought that the reason of the darkening of the picture is that the solvents of the preserving materials have dissolved the lignin, which is one of the major components of wood.

We have actually made a number of investigates regarding the wooden board prior to restoration at 2007/2008 school year. We have made UV, infrared, black-white scrub shots throughout the examination, which provided us the opportunity to make survey regarding the state of the picture. Traces of paste luminesced with various shade on the UV bright shots.

During the stereo microscopic lense examination the initial paint components and also the dental fillings can be divided well.Little grains of gold became visible on the fragments which belong to the wooden panel. We have actually verified that they potentially pertained to the panel from the gilt shoe of the mommy, due to the fact that usage of gold can not be confirmed among the wooden board paint materials. Throughout the polarizing microscope investigation of the polished cross-section sample, there were 2 different layers. The red pigment layer is over the lower black layer

We have explored the melting point of the paint bonding material with Boetius microscopic lense picture. Famous artwork of amedeo Modigliani The material didn’t react to the 100 ° C warm, which can exclude the encaustic method. Throughout the infrared spectroscopy research study, it was validated that the material does not have protein (as an example: egg), the original bonding product could be degraded, due to the fact that only the range of synthetic resin can be seen on the picture, which is followed from the Paraloid B72 impregnation.