Front Door Security Tips

August Lock 4th Gen

When you come back home after a busy day, you expect things to be exactly as you left them. Your property, valuables, pets and family should be safe, and your living space should be comfortable enough to relax in after a tiring day. Home security is what provides you with the comfort of knowing that nothing will go wrong in your absence.

Securing your home isn’t the easiest task, although, it can be made easier. By prioritizing, you can manage this task with much greater efficiency. Knowing that your home is secure regardless of where you are can keep your mind at ease as your go about your day, which is essential for your overall health and productivity.

On categorizing home security in the most basic way, you’ll find that it can be divided into indoor and outdoor security; however, there’s one part of your home which may qualify for both. The front door to your home is where most of your external interactions take place, and it leads directly into your living space.

The following are some front door security tips to make your home feel much safer.

Light It Well

Visibility is one of the main characteristics of a secure home. A home which is dark and hidden from plain sight is much more vulnerable to break-ins. Good lighting can ensure a much safer home for you, and keep you updated on the activity in the near vicinity. This applies to both indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

When it comes to front door security, good lighting is an absolute must. The porch must be clearly visible. When someone visits late at night, you should be able to identify them clearly. Whether the power is out or you’re simply looking through the peephole, you should never have to guess what’s happening outside. An effective device for this purpose is a floodlight, which can be installed right outside your home’s entrance. Since it is motion-sensitive, it will notify you as someone walks up to your front door at night. This can be especially comforting to people who live alone.

Don’t Let It Seem Vacant

Once you let people know that your home isn’t occupied, it can be seen as an invitation by unwanted visitors. Whether you’re going to work or are on vacation, make sure you leave some signs to indicate that someone’s present at home – even when it’s empty.

To do this, a good idea would be to ask a neighbor or relative to visit and water your plants, collect your mail, etc. This may make your home seem occupied, since it will be taken care of regularly. You can even ask someone to turn the lights on inside every night. This can be done easily using smart lights, since these lights can be controlled remotely. Intruders are much less likely to approach a home where they observe some kind of activity on a daily basis, which can help make your home a lot more secure.

Get a Smart Lock or Doorbell

A smart lock or doorbell is the perfect front door security gadget for your home. The front door to your home is where most of your interactions with outsiders take place. You have to manually answer the door to friends, relatives and strangers, which can often be inconvenient.

When it comes to a smart lock, there are many reliable options available for you to choose from. An example is the August Lock 4th Gen, which can help make your home safer by eliminating the need for keys. A smart lock gives you complete control over who enters or leaves your home. It keeps you updated and is the safest lock your front door can have.

A video doorbell is a similar gadget which can be installed right outside your front door. With its built-in microphone and speaker, it allows you to remotely interact with any visitors. You can leave messages, receive packages and go back to see up to 3 hours of recorded footage that you may have missed.

Don’t Overcrowd the Area

One mistake which a lot of homeowners tend to make is overcrowding the area right outside their home. You should try to minimize the objects placed in this area, since they create visual obstacles. Your front and backyard can become more difficult to maintain if there are too many objects lying around. During winter, having to put everything away and then taking it out can also be a hassle.

The reason why this is a security threat is because things such as swings, plants and other outdoor accessories can get in the way of your view of the area surrounding your home. They can become hiding places at night, and are at risk of being damaged by people such as naughty neighborhood kids. The easier option would be to minimize your outdoor décor, and focus on its quality rather than quantity.


Once you have your front door security out of the way, monitoring the rest of your home becomes easier. Smart home security makes it considerably easier to keep an eye on the activity at your front door. This is the perfect way to avoid any unwanted interactions, and can contribute quite a bit to your home’s safety in general. These tips will help strengthen the security at your front door to put your mind further at ease.