4 Ways to Generate Income Through Blogging


Bloggers and other writers tend to be keen to share their experiences, expertise, and their know-how on various topics. However, their passion alone is not enough to generate a steady income. Writers need to know how to monetize their blogs.

There are quite a few ways you can monetize your blogs. However, you will need to be patient before you start making money. After setting up your blogging website, you need to look for a market for your blogs and drive traffic towards your website.

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Here are some ways you can monetize your blogs.

Sponsored Articles

Digital marketing is highly prevalent these days. Business owners are increasingly raising their digital marketing budgets. Many organizations do all of their marketing through only digital mediums. There is a great scope to write sponsored content. Writers who can promote products and services through their blogs are very much in demand.

It is important to promote your sponsored content appropriately. Maintain a price list on your contact website. Start by reaching out to businesses in your vicinity or organizations that have solicited content from other bloggers in your niche. Contact them directly and offer your services to them. It is important to stress the volume of traffic your website attracts and the number of followers you currently have.


Dropshipping is a good way to monetize your blog. Link your website to an e-commerce store. List products relevant to your blogs. With a dropshipping model, you will have the added benefit of not needing to stock up on inventory.

Real estate is expensive. Dropshipping will eliminate the need to invest in storage space. You will need to purchase stock only when an order is placed on your website. This way, you can list numerous products for sale without worrying about warehousing costs.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to generate income for writers. After joining an affiliate marketing program, you will earn a commission whenever a sale is made through your affiliate link.

Listicles are often very effective for affiliate marketing. Some listicles provide links to a single affiliate program. An example is “5 Best Gaming Accessories on Amazon.” Such articles will provide links to Amazon pages for these products throughout the article. You may also choose to write articles for multiple affiliate programs. For example, an article titled “10 Best Online Platforms for Trading Cellphones” will have links to various affiliate programs of different competing businesses.

However, affiliate marketing has some disadvantages. Since it is a model based on commission, you will earn money only when a purchase is made. You will also have zero influence over the price of the products you are writing about. You will have to play with whatever price is specified by your client. So you will not have the luxury to attract customers by slashing prices.

Freelance Content Writing

Over the years, blogging has become a popular source of income generation. Many writers have made blogging their primary source of income rather than a passive source. You can generate an income as a freelance writer by writing for multiple organizations and brands.

Bloggers can find work on various freelancing portals such as Fiver and Upwork. These platforms have a ranking mechanism for anyone offering their services. Buyers can rank sellers according to their expertise. The higher you rank as a writer, the more charges you will be able to demand.

Summing Up

The internet has provided multiple avenues of income generation. Blogging is one of those areas where you can generate a sizeable income. If you become good enough as a writer, you can use your skills to make blogging your primary source of income.