How To Update Your Garmin​ GPS

It is very easy to update your Garmin Navigation device. It might be an overwhelming experience in case this is the first time you update your Garmin navigation device. Do not worry, we are here to guide you. Just follow the steps below to update:

  1.  While your Garmin device still switch on, connect it to your computer. Please note that it would take a bit of time for first time update, otherwise it just take a second for your computer to recognize your device.
  2. If you do not have Garmin Express software on your computer, do not worry, you can download and install it easily.
  3. Once successfully install Garmin Express Software, it will start scanning your navigation device for latest updates.
  4. A list of updates will appear and you can proceed to install updates.
  5. Once done installing updates, eject your Garmin navigation device from your computer. Congratulations! You now have the latest version of your Garmin navigation device.

In case you experience issues with updating your Garmin Navigation device, please do not hesitant to contact us.

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