Our website offers genuine and valuable GPS-Customer Services for all the users, maintaining good customer relationships as well. We hope that users will make an equitable use of all the GPS-services provided by us.
We promise to fulfil all the appropriate expectations of the users, resolving all of their issues related to their authorised device or personal computer. Users are advised to use our services only for their registered computers. By using our services through unregistered computers, they will break the rules. Therefore, you must not use our services to serve unauthorised people directly or indirectly.

In case someone disturbs or harasses our officials by fake calls or disturbing emails, they will be debarred from all the registered services. As unintentional misconducts also lie under punishable offences. Customers will not get any refund even if they commit all this unintentionally. Users can not use any of the portions of our website for their personal benefit, in case they try to use it for any kind of purpose, they shall be liable for fine. If someone tries to hack our servers or attempts to steal any kind of official information, this misconduct will lie under the intentional offence.

Hacking our email ids or doing anything which affects our reputation and overall image, comes under the illegal act, and allegations will be made against the offender, as per law and order.
thegpswaypoints.com can send you several services related emails directly in your account, these emails may be related to the purchase and extension of a specific service, service availability or answers to the device related questions. You can also receive several emails describing several useful information or product/service related special offers of user’s interest.
You will constantly receive these emails until and unless you notify us that you don’t want to receive them anymore. Additionally, users may also get such information and service related emails through some of our business partners.